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Dialogue with Survivors for Prevention and Recovery- Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushim

How can we prepare our communities for natural and

Dialogue with Survivors for Prevention and Recovery- Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima

How can we prepare our communities for natural and


仏教教団を母体とする真如苑救援ボランティアSeRVは結成以来、様々な組織と連携し、被災者に寄り添う支援に取り組んでまいりました。 SeRVの拠点である真如苑の各施設では、非常食等備蓄し、一時避難者の受け入れ、ボランティアセンターとして施設を活用するべく、自治体等と災害協定を結んでいます。以上より、諸団体との連携内容を紹介し、災害時における市民連携の力の有効性を訴えます。

【市民防災世界会議:セッション3 】


Building Resilience in Small Island Developing States

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Climate Services and Applications for Disaster and Climate Risk Management in Changing Environment

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Integrated Risk Governance and Government Roles

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Developing Capacities for Effective Disaster Risk Management in Low-Income OIC Member Countries

OBJECTIVES: The side event aims to explore a numb

DRR Investments and the Role of Insurance

Accessible Broadcasting, Communication and Evacuation of Persons with Disabilities in an Emergency: A Planning Guide

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Extending Best Practices in Early Warning Systems for Building Community Resilience

Nearly half of the Indonesian population lives in

- 仙台からキトに向けて、都市レジリエンスにかかる政策と実施

2016 年にエクアドルの首都キトで開催予定の国連人間居住会議(HABITATⅢ)では、国際的な人間



Incentives for investment:
Co-benefits and a new business case for disaster risk management

How to incentivise greater investment in DRR.


The CANEUS (Canada-Europe-US-Asia-Africa) International Organizationは3月17日午前9:00-12:00に、仙台で開催される第3回国連防災世界会議に参加し、ワークショップを開催します。ご参加をお待ちしております。



市民防災世界会議 メインイベント


Partnerships for Effective Disaster Management:
Lessons from Multi-Sectoral Leaders in the U.S. and Japan

Background Damages from natural hazards increase

Policy Dialogue on “Sustainability Issues in Disaster Risk Management – Recent Advances”

Panel Discussion on Promoting Public Private Partnership for Disaster Risk Management

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