pubfo sendai:第3回国連防災世界会議パブリック・フォーラム(市民向けイベント)・検索サイト


-MENA RegionMaking Cities Safer, Competitive and Resilient

2015.03.16 15:30 - 16:45

In continue to the great initiatives administered by the UNISDR to increase the level of city resilience Worldwide, the Arab Urban Development Institute (AUDI) would like bringing into focus the urban administration of land-use spatial planning policies at the level of local municipalities through the WCDRR Public Forum Side Event: MENA Urbanization Knowledge and Disaster Risk Management.
A Gender based approach for Disaster Risk Reduction and Social-Ecological Urbanism in the MENA Region is conducted in collaboration with the World Bank, as a cross cutting perspective considering the women significant role in meeting the rising demands for housing, secure tenure, social and human capital assets for the urban populations at risk prior and post disasters, as a comprehensive integrated national strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction.
As AUDI is a non-government organization, representing the Arab Towns Organization (ATO) technical affiliate in 22 Arab countries, and providing services to 500 cities and local municipalities in the MENA Region, the Arab Urban Development Institute adopts five strategic development programs, to fill the gaps in the existing urban form theory, aiming to improving the local municipalities’ capacity building and risk management policy frameworks.
The first program targets capacity building, as an essential leverage for the enhancement of human resources, technical proficiency, productivity, and better performance for achieving sustainable urban development in Arab cities. While city development strategy is our second program, that performs as a vehicle for building a sustainable vision for the Region socio-economic development. The third program is Urban Observatories, which aims to advocate for mobilizing financial and technical support to establish and operate Urban Observatories in Arab towns and cities. Children and Youth Program comes as the forth program, and determines developing the concept and strategy of child-friendly cities in the Arab world, to raise awareness of children and young people rights and their needs. The fifth program is Social Protection, that has been established based on the experiences gained from the CYP in protecting children and youth, at the request of the Ministry of Social Affairs in
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to design and implement a training kit to social workers and psychologists in the field of social protection, at various regions in the Kingdom, upgrading abilities and enabling them utilize knowledge, attitudes and skills gained, in dealing with issues of domestic violence.
Working within the Hyogo Framework FOR Action 2000-2015, will help local governments in the MENA Region prioritize Women partnership with key humanitarian actors on their urban development agenda, integrate and embed it within their poverty eradication and sustainable development programmes, persuade filling the gaps in existing land-use frameworks, challenging the women vulnerabilities to disaster insecurity, social exclusion, increased morbidity and mortality among children; and sustain the robust and effective women participation in socio-economic policies, and adding a new dimensions in the contexts of public private partnerships, and civil society cultural vitality.
Gender sensitive bottom-up approach will closely work with local level decision makers and empower concerned communities to actively engage grassroots women’s organisations in the decision making process, concerning their immediate neighborhoods located within disaster risk zones. Programmatic Capacity building for women in Community DRR sustainable construction, rehabilitation and long-term spatial planning will increase the potential for knowledge exchange among the MENA region local municipalities; enhance regional collaborative alliances and national joint actions towards sustainable disaster risk management disciplines.

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