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Strengthening Disaster Recovery Systems for Resilience

2015.03.14 13:00 - 16:00

Experiences from post-disaster recovery interventions have had mixed levels of success. While governments have implemented large-scale recovery and reconstruction programs in the wake of certain disasters, success hinges upon the availability of and access to skills and resources from a remarkably diverse community of stakeholders. Resilient recovery is an imperative for sustainable development. To maintain a path towards sustainability, recovery programs need predictable and consistent technical and financial resource commitments towards recovery planning, implementation and performance management. Additionally, at national levels, governments must be able to develop recovery policies, frameworks, and enabling mechanisms on a consistent basis. The path towards sustainability is often initiated during the post-disaster assessment phase and ensured through the development of recovery frameworks, which help to coordinate recovery and reconstruction policy, planning, finance and management. However, as instances and impacts of disasters continue to rise, governments have started to strengthen systems for recovery before a disaster strikes. By strengthening recovery systems, including capacities for post-disaster assessments and recovery planning, countries and stakeholders will be able to maintain continuity from relief to reconstruction across a spectrum of possible post-disaster activities. Priori efforts increase the chance for recovery to be implemented in an efficient and effective manner that avoids negative consequences, such as vulnerable groups sliding below poverty lines, depression of economic and social development, and an increase in disaster risks. This session will bring together national governments, technical experts, international recovery and reconstruction actors, the European Union, the United Nations Development Program, and the World Bank to discuss how the launch of the PDNA guide, Disaster Recovery Framework Guide, and Resilient Recovery: An Imperative for Sustainable Development can strengthen recovery systems before, during, and after a disaster and define a path towards sustainable development.

World Bank - GFDRR
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