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Lessons from FUKUSHIMA and the process of community building in the region
: From the viewpoint of local CSOs

Four years have passed since the nuclear disaste

the Symposium on “Risk Communication and Spiritual Care for Radiation Disaster Reduction”

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Health and human rights : questions about nuclear accidents

This event expects to share common research works

Building back from Cascading Disasters and Establishment of academic framework of Disaster Reconstruction

The research team of Fukushima Future Center for R

Medical and Public Health Preparedness for Large Scale Disaster

Medical and public health preparedness in all phase of disaster.

FMU`s Response to the Nuclear Accident and the Health of Fukushima Residents

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Nuclear Disaster Risk Reduction and the Role of Local Government
: Lessons and Challenges

The Fukushima crisis taught us that nuclear disa

Social Implementation of Disaster Robots and Systems:
Application Record and Challenge for the Future

This symposium introduces the record of application of robots and robotic systems to the world disasters, and discusses their challenges for the future disaster mitigation.

Risk reduction in nuclear disasters through citizens’ participation

This event will introduce civil society initiatives around the world and in Fukushima for risk reduction in nuclear disasters.