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[The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society: Session9]
Diversity and Disaster Response ~From the Perspective of Foreigners and Gender, including LGBT and the Physically Disabled~

This symposium will touch on the disaster-vulnerables and the minority who would be most susceptible to the effects of disasters. This was a huge problem during the Great East Japan Disaster.

[The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society: Session2]
2015- The Year Where Development, Environment and DRR Meet

This session provide you basic information of post 2015 international goals such as MDGs, SDGs and HFA2. Let’s think globally, act locally.

Challenges and Future Strategy for Vitalizing Tourism in Tohoku

This spring, four years after the Great East Japan

Rethinking post-disaster response in Chile: educational, logistic and participatory challenges in developing contexts

In this forum, we will discuss ways for designing

Developing Capacities for Effective Disaster Risk Management in Low-Income OIC Member Countries

OBJECTIVES: The side event aims to explore a numb

Workshop: New Global Framework for Sharing of Space Technology and Data Standards
To serve Nation’s Disaster Management Needs

This strategic workshop is mandated to create a UN led Global common platform, UN Global-Sat, that allows sharing of space and data segments with its ability to serve as a strong tool for nation’s disaster management and development needs, with Keynote by Ms. Simona Di Pippo, Director, UN-OOSA.

Changing Solidarity into Power:
Expanding Support Efforts in Responding to the Voices of Disaster Affected Women


Policy Dialogue on “Sustainability Issues in Disaster Risk Management – Recent Advances”

Main Event “The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society (CSC)”

The final event of The Global Conference of DRR for Civil Society (CSC) has many programs, such as International Dialogue, Main Symposium, Speeches and Performances. Come and join us!

Partnerships for Effective Disaster Management:
Lessons from Multi-Sectoral Leaders in the U.S. and Japan

Background Damages from natural hazards increase

Building back from Cascading Disasters and Establishment of academic framework of Disaster Reconstruction

The research team of Fukushima Future Center for R

Resilience to extreme weather:
science and policy

An overview and discussion of the Royal Society's 'Resilience to extreme weather' report

30 years of the National System of Civil Protection in Mexico

From DRR to Resilience in land
-use government policies
: proposals and actions at local level

The workshop describes the path towards Inclusive Resilience and Territorial Safety by the Province of Potenza, Italy (#weResilient). The aim is to provide a worldwide platform for experiences exchanges and new transnational cooperations.

Achieving disaster resilience – advancements in development partner policy and practice

The event will examine how policies and practice o

European Union putting policy into practice – innovation, finance and community preparedness

The European Union is developing ambitious policie

People and life, buildings and towns that never lost to tsunamis

Protecting the life at first, and then our homes be left in the not to rubble, and to go live there.

Symposium on Environmental Issues, Nuclear Disaster and Disaster Prevention

How do we need policy changes to build more sustainable future and resilient community based on the lessons and experiences of the 3.11 disaster and the Fukushima nuclear disaster?

-MENA RegionMaking Cities Safer, Competitive and Resilient

MENA Urbanization Knowledge and Disaster Risk Management

Highlighting challenges and opportunities of implementing the new risk reduction framework in South Asia

Challenges and opportunities of implementing the new risk reduction framework in South Asia: finance, monitoring and accountability