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International Cooperation

JICA: Facilitators for the Community Network in Reconstruction and Local Revitalization.

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Ten Years after Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami, Cultural Understanding of Disaster through Exchange between Japan and Indonesia

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Roundtable on Cooperation between Crisis management centers as an effective instrucment to strengthen the global system of DRR

Forum for Multicultural Disaster Prevention

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ILO Seminar on Resilient Livelihoods and Employment Recovery:
Lessons from Japan, the Philippines and New Zealand

Review Recovery Process in view of employment and jobs supporting livelihoods of affected people

Development of a Resilient Community and Improving Disaster Education and Regional Disaster Preparedness

This symposium will review the past 20 years' de

Mobile Communications in a Disaster: What really happens

GSMA Disaster Response along with EMI host a workshop at WCDRR with mobile operators who have experienced recent major disasters.

Integrating Displacement into Post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction

Displacement and the Post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction: What are the Inter-linkages between DRR and Human Mobility?

The forefront of disaster response with private sector partnership: innovations to achieve disaster risk reduction, response, and reconstruction beyond sectors and national borders

Join NGO and private sector representatives from 5 Asian countries as we discuss multisector collaboration in DRR.

Disaster Management Policies – Preparedness against Large Tsunamis and Earthquakes etc.

Preparedness against large tsunamis and earthquakes etc. is the key for disaster management policies


~ 第1 部~ 国際的な人道支援の経験を活かしながら、東北で支援を展開してきたJPF加盟NGO(A

JICA: Classroom is open to the world!
–The Teacher meets a developing country-

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