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Gender Equality


<panel discussion>How can those with diverse backgrounds come to value each other? -3.11 and those with diverse gender and sexual identities-

SeRV Activities: The Power of People Working Together

SeRV (Shinnyo-en Relief Volunteers) is a Shinnyo-en volunteer organization formed in 1995 to aid in disaster relief efforts. Shinnyo-en facilities that function as SeRV bases have emergency supplies of food, blankets, and supplies permanently stocked. Government agreements also allow Shinnyo-en to shelter people displaced by natural disasters.

[The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society: Session9]
Diversity and Disaster Response ~From the Perspective of Foreigners and Gender, including LGBT and the Physically Disabled~

This symposium will touch on the disaster-vulnerables and the minority who would be most susceptible to the effects of disasters. This was a huge problem during the Great East Japan Disaster.

Disaster Preparation Seminar from a Gender-Equal and Diverse Perspectives

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Women as a Force for Change–Gender and DRR

In order to build disaster resilient communities,



Changing Solidarity into Power:
Expanding Support Efforts in Responding to the Voices of Disaster Affected Women


Main Event “The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society (CSC)”

The final event of The Global Conference of DRR for Civil Society (CSC) has many programs, such as International Dialogue, Main Symposium, Speeches and Performances. Come and join us!

Scaling up grassroots women innovations for resilience

Gallery Walk and Panel on Grassroots Women's solutions for Resilience Bulding and the implementation of the HFA2

-MENA RegionMaking Cities Safer, Competitive and Resilient

MENA Urbanization Knowledge and Disaster Risk Management



PhotoVoice & Archives: Creating Collective Knowledge for Effective Disaster Prevention, Response and Reconstruction

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Call for National Disaster Response Coordination Mechanism in Japan
-The Role of Japan Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster-

To construct a collaborative mechanism in JVOAD that is indispensable in the overall administration and coordination of industries, academics, governments and civil society, with the ultimate aim to solve Japan’s problems in reacting to disasters.

Disaster Prevention Reduction and Bridging the Gender Gap:Lessons from Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima

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from HEREvto the World; Delivering the Voice of Women in Disaster Area

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Forum for Multicultural Disaster Prevention

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Working to mainstream disaster prevention by vulnerable beneficiaries with diversity

Disaster Prevention Programsand Community Empowerment;Cooperation of Local Government and CSOs

トーク×トーク 女性たちのリーダーシップ