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For the Building Back Better
-Challenge and Contribution by Fukushima University-

We will report the support programs by Fukushima Future Center for Regional Revitalization ?FURE for the people affected by GEJE and the nuclear accident.

Lessons from FUKUSHIMA and the process of community building in the region
: From the viewpoint of local CSOs

Four years have passed since the nuclear disaste

Resilience Farming to foster sustainable growth in the agricultural sector in Africa-Cocao production in Africa

Freeing local people from top enforced pseudo development, Exploring their investable resources and checking the possibilities of partnering them to implementing Post- 2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction

Very often, local people suffer from the destructi

From DRR to Resilience in land
-use government policies
: proposals and actions at local level

The workshop describes the path towards Inclusive Resilience and Territorial Safety by the Province of Potenza, Italy (#weResilient). The aim is to provide a worldwide platform for experiences exchanges and new transnational cooperations.

Resilience Farming to foster sustainable groth in the agricultural sector in Africa-Cocao production in Africa

Media and communication for Disaster Risk Reduction: Showcasing innovation

This session will showcase good practice and discuss what makes media and communication effective for DRR and Resilience. A joint event being organised by BBC Media Action, GNDR, Netherlands Red Cross and Plan International.

Testing successful solutions:
a collaborative approach to reducing animal losses from disasters

World Animal Protection's experience of implementing HFA - how we can protect livelihoods

Announcement of NHK Television Symposium
Your Information Can Save Lives ? Disaster Mitigation News Reporting in a New Media Age

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