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Dialogue with Survivors for Prevention and Recovery- Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima

How can we prepare our communities for natural and

Dialogue with Survivors for Prevention and Recovery- Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima

How can we prepare our communities for natural and

The Great March Eleventh (3.11) Tsunami:
Remembering for the Future

Empowered by a new mission: To educate future generations.

SeRV Activities: The Power of People Working Together

SeRV (Shinnyo-en Relief Volunteers) is a Shinnyo-en volunteer organization formed in 1995 to aid in disaster relief efforts. Shinnyo-en facilities that function as SeRV bases have emergency supplies of food, blankets, and supplies permanently stocked. Government agreements also allow Shinnyo-en to shelter people displaced by natural disasters.

[The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society: Session5]
Disaster Recovery in Japan Part 1: Reviewing Disaster Recovery and Large-Scale Disasters in Japan

This session aims to compare the recovery processes, disaster relief activities and extent of damage among the disasters that occurred in Kobe, Chuetsu and East Japan, by researchers and specialists with relevant experience.

Workshop: New Global Framework for Sharing of Space Technology and Data Standards
To serve Nation’s Disaster Management Needs

This strategic workshop is mandated to create a UN led Global common platform, UN Global-Sat, that allows sharing of space and data segments with its ability to serve as a strong tool for nation’s disaster management and development needs, with Keynote by Ms. Simona Di Pippo, Director, UN-OOSA.

Main Event “The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society (CSC)”

The final event of The Global Conference of DRR for Civil Society (CSC) has many programs, such as International Dialogue, Main Symposium, Speeches and Performances. Come and join us!

From DRR to Resilience in land
-use government policies
: proposals and actions at local level

The workshop describes the path towards Inclusive Resilience and Territorial Safety by the Province of Potenza, Italy (#weResilient). The aim is to provide a worldwide platform for experiences exchanges and new transnational cooperations.

People and life, buildings and towns that never lost to tsunamis

Protecting the life at first, and then our homes be left in the not to rubble, and to go live there.

Symposium to get smarter from experience of the NE Japan Disaster

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2015 International Workshop on Earthquake and Volcanic Hazards and Risks in Asia-Pacific Region

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Active Faults -understand the nature and prepare for disaster-

Leading researchers of active fault studies will explain such as what active faults are and what kind of disaster active faults bring, with plenty of examples from the world.

Symposium on Educating Future Leaders in Global Safety: Lessons and Practice in the Affected Areas of Great East Japan Earthquake

The symposium invites high school students, underg

Call for National Disaster Response Coordination Mechanism in Japan
-The Role of Japan Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster-

To construct a collaborative mechanism in JVOAD that is indispensable in the overall administration and coordination of industries, academics, governments and civil society, with the ultimate aim to solve Japan’s problems in reacting to disasters.

Earthquake prediction reaches a possible level disaster riskreduction

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【Civil Society Collaboration and DRR】
Bosai Science Show and documentary film

Bosai Science Show - Learn about the Mechanisms of Disasters and Cope with the Emergency - Living Through March 11, 2011 - Words That Remember The Great East Japan Earthquake -

Ten Years after Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami, Cultural Understanding of Disaster through Exchange between Japan and Indonesia

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ILO Seminar on Resilient Livelihoods and Employment Recovery:
Lessons from Japan, the Philippines and New Zealand

Review Recovery Process in view of employment and jobs supporting livelihoods of affected people

Working to mainstream disaster prevention by vulnerable beneficiaries with diversity

Disaster Prevention Programsand Community Empowerment;Cooperation of Local Government and CSOs

Social Implementation of Disaster Robots and Systems:
Current State, Gap and Action Plans for the Future

This symposium introduces the current state of disaster robots and the gap to their social implementation by the world top-runners, and discusses the action plans to be taken for the future disaster mitigation.