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Disaster Risk Reduction

Disaster Risk Reduction and Human Security:
Effective Responses to Strengthen Resilience and Protect and Empower People in Response to Natural Disasters

Natural disasters and their interface with human

Built Environment DRR Research Forum

The Forum will showcase research from around the g

Symposium for improvement of disaster prevention capability in aguriculture and rural areas.

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A DRR information and knowledge management system in France

Extending Best Practices in Early Warning Systems for Building Community Resilience

Nearly half of the Indonesian population lives in

Lessons from FUKUSHIMA and the process of community building in the region
: From the viewpoint of local CSOs

Four years have passed since the nuclear disaste

Workshop: New Global Framework for Sharing of Space Technology and Data Standards
To serve Nation’s Disaster Management Needs

This strategic workshop is mandated to create a UN led Global common platform, UN Global-Sat, that allows sharing of space and data segments with its ability to serve as a strong tool for nation’s disaster management and development needs, with Keynote by Ms. Simona Di Pippo, Director, UN-OOSA.

The way of the disaster prevention education that is effective at the time of a disaster

We must realize improvement of disaster prevention

Changing Solidarity into Power:
Expanding Support Efforts in Responding to the Voices of Disaster Affected Women


A Symposium Promoting
The Forested Coastal Embankments

Reducing Disaster Risks with the Power of the Forest

Workshop on Emerging Trends in Disaster Risk Reduction

This workshop highlights the fundamental character

Symposium on Climate Change Action and Disaster Prevention

How can municipal government, environmental NGOs,

Disaster and Education-Education for Building a Resilient Society

Disaster and Education for Building a Resilient Society

Main Event “The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society (CSC)”

The final event of The Global Conference of DRR for Civil Society (CSC) has many programs, such as International Dialogue, Main Symposium, Speeches and Performances. Come and join us!

Partnerships for Effective Disaster Management:
Lessons from Multi-Sectoral Leaders in the U.S. and Japan

Background Damages from natural hazards increase

Enhancing community resilience and safety through integrated disaster preparedness and risk reduction

Guided by the Framework for Community Resilience o

Good Practice Review 9: Disaster Risk Reduction

This event will launch the revised edition of Good

Chile – Earthquake & Tsunami Case Study

Scaling up grassroots women innovations for resilience

Gallery Walk and Panel on Grassroots Women's solutions for Resilience Bulding and the implementation of the HFA2

Human Rights and Disaster Reduction