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Disaster Risk Reduction

Dialogue with Survivors for Prevention and Recovery- Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima

How can we prepare our communities for natural and

Dialogue with Survivors for Prevention and Recovery- Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima

How can we prepare our communities for natural and

The Great March Eleventh (3.11) Tsunami:
Remembering for the Future

Empowered by a new mission: To educate future generations.


「DIYってなに?」「セルフビルドって何だか難しそう...」そんな方も 気軽に参加できるワークショッ

SeRV Activities: The Power of People Working Together

SeRV (Shinnyo-en Relief Volunteers) is a Shinnyo-en volunteer organization formed in 1995 to aid in disaster relief efforts. Shinnyo-en facilities that function as SeRV bases have emergency supplies of food, blankets, and supplies permanently stocked. Government agreements also allow Shinnyo-en to shelter people displaced by natural disasters.

[The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society: Session7]
Community Resilience
~Case Studies from Japan and the World~

Creating relations with casual acquaintances during peace times is crucial in reducing the extent of damage and loss of lives during a disaster. This session will report on the activities on the ground in the affected regions and will include an idea-exchange discussions session too.

[The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society: Session6]
Disaster Recovery in Japan Part 2: Tohoku Recovery, Conference for DRR and Redevelopment

Practitioners of redevelopment, disaster risk reduction and recovery activities at the grassroots level during the Great East Japan Disaster will exchange ideas and engage in several thematic discussions.

[The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society: Session3]
Shifting of Disaster Risk Reduction
~Climate Change and Altering of Social Structure~

This symposium will include a discussion with climate change specialists and panelists who have experienced disaster relief activities.

[The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society: Session1]
Orientation to Global Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction for Civil Society

This lecture will explain about the UN World Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction and provide basic information on DRR and disaster response efforts in the world.

Challenges and Future Strategy for Vitalizing Tourism in Tohoku

This spring, four years after the Great East Japan

Workshop on Practice on Disaster Reduction in Asia Pacific Regions

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Building urban resilience for disaster risk reduction


Women as a Force for Change–Gender and DRR

In order to build disaster resilient communities,

The Future of Disaster Mitigation Using Social Media and Online communities


Platforms for risk data sharing and participative governance, from national to local

Main features and achievements of the French risk

Disaster Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction

Persons with Disabilities are twice as likely to d

Developing Capacities for Effective Disaster Risk Management in Low-Income OIC Member Countries

OBJECTIVES: The side event aims to explore a numb

Workshop: New Global Framework for Sharing of Space Technology and Data Standards
To serve Nation’s Disaster Management Needs

This strategic workshop is mandated to create a UN led Global common platform, UN Global-Sat, that allows sharing of space and data segments with its ability to serve as a strong tool for nation’s disaster management and development needs, with Keynote by Ms. Simona Di Pippo, Director, UN-OOSA.

Global Approaches for Coastal Resilience

Globally, planners and policy makers are facing

Establishment of a Basic Range of Disaster-Related Statistics in Asia and the Pacific

UNESCAP Expert Group on Disaster-related Statistic