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SeRV Activities: The Power of People Working Together

SeRV (Shinnyo-en Relief Volunteers) is a Shinnyo-en volunteer organization formed in 1995 to aid in disaster relief efforts. Shinnyo-en facilities that function as SeRV bases have emergency supplies of food, blankets, and supplies permanently stocked. Government agreements also allow Shinnyo-en to shelter people displaced by natural disasters.

[The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society: Session9]
Diversity and Disaster Response ~From the Perspective of Foreigners and Gender, including LGBT and the Physically Disabled~

This symposium will touch on the disaster-vulnerables and the minority who would be most susceptible to the effects of disasters. This was a huge problem during the Great East Japan Disaster.

Symposium on ‘Internship for Reconstruction Assistance’: The Role of Students in Cross-sector Cooperation

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Challenges and Future Strategy for Vitalizing Tourism in Tohoku

This spring, four years after the Great East Japan

For the Building Back Better
-Challenge and Contribution by Fukushima University-

We will report the support programs by Fukushima Future Center for Regional Revitalization ?FURE for the people affected by GEJE and the nuclear accident.

Proposal for a Pleasant Disaster Prevention Park at Gamo, Sendai

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Lessons from FUKUSHIMA and the process of community building in the region
: From the viewpoint of local CSOs

Four years have passed since the nuclear disaste

Protecting people’s health from disaster risks

The protection of people's health is central to disaster risk reduction (DRR). Participants will interact with speakers who will share their successes, challenges and Voluntary Commitments for making health a priority for DRR. Themes include Community Preparedness, Ageing Societies, Safe Hospitals, Health Services for Disasters, Climate and Health, and Lessons Learned from Disaster Recovery in Japan.

Presentation by students who learned and acted towards the reconstruction

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The way of the disaster prevention education that is effective at the time of a disaster

We must realize improvement of disaster prevention

Main Event “The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society (CSC)”

The final event of The Global Conference of DRR for Civil Society (CSC) has many programs, such as International Dialogue, Main Symposium, Speeches and Performances. Come and join us!

From DRR to Resilience in land
-use government policies
: proposals and actions at local level

The workshop describes the path towards Inclusive Resilience and Territorial Safety by the Province of Potenza, Italy (#weResilient). The aim is to provide a worldwide platform for experiences exchanges and new transnational cooperations.

The Looking Beyond Disaster Youth Toolkit(on original submission” Youth Looking Beyond Disaster)

This event introduces the development of the Looki

-MENA RegionMaking Cities Safer, Competitive and Resilient

MENA Urbanization Knowledge and Disaster Risk Management

Supportive Activities for Children Experiencing the Disaster 3.11

Supportive Activities for Children Experiencing the Disaster 3.11

Media and communication for Disaster Risk Reduction: Showcasing innovation

This session will showcase good practice and discuss what makes media and communication effective for DRR and Resilience. A joint event being organised by BBC Media Action, GNDR, Netherlands Red Cross and Plan International.

Towards the future – Roles that the construction industry plays for urban development and junior high school student reporters speak for the concept of disaster prevention ―

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Symposium on Educating Future Leaders in Global Safety: Lessons and Practice in the Affected Areas of Great East Japan Earthquake

The symposium invites high school students, underg

Emergency Preparedness in Maternal and Child Care – reconstructing by creative collaboration with community medicine and public health care system

Emergency Preparedness in Maternal and Child Care

Art as Children’s Therapy After the Great East Japan Earthquake

While enjoying the rakugo and the panel talk, consider the role and possibility of delivering the culture and the arts to children.