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Mar. 16th(Mon)Sendai

MENA Urbanization Knowledge and Disaster Risk Management

2015.03.16 17:15 - 18:00

Working within the Hyogo Framework for Action 2000-2015, the Arab Urban Development Institute is aiming to develop a Gender sensitive bottom-up DRR approach, closely with regional level decision makers among the MENA,in order to prioritize women partnership with key humanitarian actors on their urban development agenda, integrate and embed it within their poverty eradication and sustainable development programmes, and empower concerned communities to actively engage grassroots women organisations in the decision making process. Programmatic Capacity building for women in Community DRR sustainable construction, rehabilitation and long-term spatial planning will persuade filling the gaps in existing land-use frameworks, and sustain the robust and effective women participation in socio-economic policies, adding a new dimension in the contexts of public private partnerships, and civil society cultural vitality.This event will increase the potential for knowledge exchange between local municipalities; enhance regional collaborative alliances and national joint actions towards sustainable disaster risk management disciplines.

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Arab Urban Development Institute
People's Pavilion
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