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Mar. 16th(Mon)Sendai

Heart of Darkness into the Morning Light
Voices from Fukushima – where we were, where we are now, and where we are heading for

2015.03.16 15:30 - 16:30

First we’d like to introduce our personal experiences from different regions (coastal, inland and outside of Fukushima Prefecture) during and after the Great East Japan Earthquakes. We will then discuss about where Fukushima is at the moment and where it is heading for, as well as what it can offer to both Japanese and inbound guests/tourists.

Fukushima had been down in the heart of darkness for a long time since the Great East Japan Earthquakes and the subsequent nuclear power plants’ fatal accident.
Daybreak has finally come to Fukushima, however, the morning light shining upon us is not powerful enough to melt away the thick ice which had covered the entire prefecture during the past years.
Decontamination works are way behind schedule and the new houses for the evacuees are yet to be built.
Nevertheless we are determined to meet challenges each day to recover from the unprecedented natural and man-made disasters.
We would never run away from what had happened to us –we are daily facing the current issues for the better future.
For we have received immeasurable support from people around us and all over the world.
We shall, therefore, work together to help building a dynamic, vibrant and yet peacefully quaint homeland.
Fukushima still has a lot to offer – 3 national parks, innumerable hot springs, historic heritage and warm hospitality.

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Fukushima Interpreter/Guide Team
People's Pavilion
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