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Mar. 16th(Mon)Sendai

[The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society: Session8]
Coordination to Support Regional Dynamics

2015.03.16 13:00 - 15:00
Japanese (English)

In every disasters, lessons learnt include that corodination mechanism did not take into account pre-existing local capacity enough. Utilizing local capacity in humanitarian coordination would require in-depth understanding that local capacity entails, and how such capacity elements be facilitated and maximized. The session would look into specific cases from Japan, Philippines, and Myanmar to see what are significant local capacity that exist, how they were facilitated in recent disasters, what are the lessons learnt, and what is the way forward.

・Mariam Jemila Zahari(ADRRN Program Officer)
・Mihir Joshi(ADRRN Coordinator)
・MURASHIMA Hiroko(Director of Rera, Support for Human Mobility)
・YOSHIDA Naomi(Vice President of Kurashi- no- Supporters)

ADRRN/JANIC/CWS Japan/Japan NPO Center

Ordinary People
Japanese (English)
Asian Disaster Risk Reduction Network (ADRRN)
CWS Japan
Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC)
Japan NPO Center
Japan CSO Coalition for 2015 WCDRR
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