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Mar. 15th(Sun)Sendai

[The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society: Session4]
Talking about Disaster Recovery with Raconteurs from Japan and the World

2015.03.15 10:00 - 12:00
Japanese (English)

4 years have passed since the Great East Japan Disaster. As the recovery of hard infrastructure progresses under the leadership of the local governments, there is a need for an opportunity to think about what disaster recovery is really about, and who is it for. The real recovery of a region is not merely the reconstruction of infrastructure, but also includes the redevelopment of the town and community for the sake of each resident. In this seminar, guest speakers, who are involved in the dissemination of information as raconteurs of their respective regions, will talk about their experiences and thoughts about “disaster recovery”, and share their ideas with the seminar participants.

・FUJIMA Chihiro (Ishinomaki Future Support Association)

・Rahmadhani Sulaiman (Secretary for Ache Museum Taskforce/Ache Culture Tourism Office)
・SASAKI Tsutomu (Raconteur of Kobe earthquake/Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution)
・SATO Shigehirsa (Raconteur of the Great East Japan Earthquake/Ishinomaki Future Support Association)

TeLL-NET/Ishinomaki Future Support Association

Ordinary People
Japanese (English)
Mirai Support Ishinomaki
TeLL-Net (International Disaster Transfer Live Lessons Network)
Japan CSO Coalition for 2015 WCDRR (JCC2015)
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