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Mar. 17th(Tue)Sendai

Building Effective Partnerships Towards Resilient Small Island Developing States in the Post-2015 World


Small island developing States (SIDS) are widely accepted as being highly prone to hazards both natural and man-made. They are located among the most at risk regions in the world and are on the frontlines with their experiences often serving as a precursor to what other countries may also face in the future. The international community acknowledges that the continued vulnerability of SIDS to the damaging impacts of disasters negatively impacts their development progress. While SIDS have made strides in implementing disaster reduction measures, increased efforts are needed by both SIDS and their development partners to reduce disaster losses and implement the Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015 and its successor. In light of the SAMOA Pathway, Post-2015 Development Agenda and outcomes of the Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, the Side Event will call for action on issues including: effective partnerships, technology transfer, capacity building, improved emergency response, education, enhanced adaptation measures, traditional knowledge and climate change mitigation to improve disaster risk reduction in SIDS. It will be a prime opportunity for policy makers, international organisations, civil society, private sector and development partners to engage directly with the leaders and experts of some of the most vulnerable countries in the world; with the common purpose of strengthening the resilience of SIDS to respond to the multitude of challenges posed by disasters and invest in SIDS disaster reduction including through investments in appropriate technology, early warning systems, ICTs and strengthening of private sector engagement in DRR for SIDS.

To Be Confirmed:
UN-OHRLLS, ITU, UNEP, IPCC, Digicel, University Consortium of Small Island States, Caribbean Disaster and Emergency Management Agency, World Bank, International Climate Initiative, German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety

Betty Dion, Global Alliance of Accessible Technologies and Environments, Muhammad Atif Sheikh, Special Talent Exchange Program
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