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Mar. 17th(Tue)Sendai

Workshop on Emerging Trends in Disaster Risk Reduction

2015.03.17 10:00 -

This workshop highlights the fundamental characteristics of the post-industrial risk societies that we live in through hyper-risks, interconnectedness and interdependence of systems and networks and their potential for abrupt failures. In this context, the workshop proposes ‘reflective DRR’ one that will promote critical reflective practices and systems thinking in order to tackle hyper-risks related to NATECHs and large scale natural disasters.

Following speakers will deliver each presentation during our workshop.
(i) Network mindset: Dr Anthony J. Masys, Centre for Security Science, Defence R&D Canada, Canda
(ii) Complexity thinking: Dr Tie Xu, University of Modern Sciences, UAE
(iii) Co-learning: Dr Hideyuki Shiroshita, Kansai University, Japan
(iv) Shared responsibility: Mr Bede Wilson, Disaster Management Unit, City of Gold Coast, Australia
(v) Systems failure: Dr Nibedita Ray-Bennett, The Civil Safety and Security Unit, The University of Leicester, UK

This workshop is jointly organised by Kansai University, Leicester University and the University of Modern Sciences.

Faculty of Safety Science, Kansai University
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