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Mar. 16th(Mon)Sendai

Health and human rights : questions about nuclear accidents


This event expects to share common research works of physicians and lawyers about the medical management of nuclear accidents. A comparison between several emergency plan will show the necessity to improve the post management of the disaster in relation with evacuation, zoning and recovery issues.

Pierre-Franck CHEVET(President of the Nuclear safety authority, (France))/Hubert DELZANGLES(Professor at the University of Limoges and of Bordeaux, (France))/Jan HAVERKAMP(Greenpeace expert consultant on nuclear energy and energy policy, Prague, (Czech Republic))/Kazuko ITO(Attorney at law, Secretary general of the NGO Human rights Now, (Japan))/Eisuke MATSUI(Director of the Gifu Environmental Medicine Research Institute, (Japan))/Mitsuhei MURATA(Former Japonese Ambassador to Switzerland)/Andreas NIDECKER(Medical doctor, International physicians for the prevention of nuclear war (IPPNW), (Switzerland))/Noriko OKUBO(Professor at the University of Osaka, (Japan))/Tadashi OTSUKA(Waseda law school, Tokyo, (Japan))/ Michel PRIEUR(President of the International Centre of Comparative Environmental Law, (France))/Michelle RIVASI(Deputy in the European Parliament, President of Nuclear Transparency Watch (NTW), (France))/Alex ROSEN(Pediatrician and Vice President of International physicians for the prevention of nuclear war (IPPNW), (Germany))

Centre International de Droit Comparé de l’Environnement (CIDCE), International centre of comparative environmental law
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