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Mar. 15th(Sun)Sendai

Disasters and displaced persons


ecause of natural hazards, millions of people are forcibly displaced. This side event is an opportunity to progress on preparation of national and international legislation on displaced persons both internal and external at international level and national level. A Universal declaration on the fundamental rights of environmentally displaced persons will be also discussed.

François CRÉPEAU(Special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Human Rights Council, (Canada))/Carine DAVID(Lecturer in Public Law, Empowered to supervise research (HDR), University of New Caledonia (France))/François GEMENNE(Professor at the University of Liège, of Belgium and of Versailles – Saint Quentin, (France))/Walter KAELIN(Envoy of the chairmanship of the Nansen Initiative, (Switzerland))/Carlos KAISER(Executive Director of the ONG Inclusiva, (Chile))/Michel PRIEUR(President of the International Centre of Comparative Environmental Law, (France))/Erika PIRES RAMOS(Federal Prosecutor at the Brazilian environmental agency (IBAMA), São Paulo, (Brazil))/Sanjula WEERASINGHE(Research Associate at the Institute for the study of international migration, Georgetown University, Washington, (United-States))

Centre International de Droit Comparé de l’Environnement (CIDCE), International centre of comparative environmental law
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