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Mar. 15th(Sun)Sendai

A workshop on an expert information assistance team in a disaster acute phase

2015.03.15 09:15 - 11:45

IT Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) is a dedicated team designed to provide IT assistance for information gathering and sharing during the acute phase of disasters. For rescue and recovery works during disasters, it is required to start the way to collect, use and share the information promptly. We have been simulating the possible actions such as an information gathering exercise and developing the capacity building program.

This workshop aims to share our experiences on the great North East Japan earthquake and to discuss the necessary functions for IT assistance during the disasters Information related to status of the area, residents, requirements etc. is fatal for recovery from the Disasters.


Short Speech

・IT DART Introduction [Takamasa Kishihara ? iSPP (information Support Pro Bono Platform) Commissioner and Administration Officer]
・Report of IT DART simulation at Ishinomaki City [Shoko Miyagawa ? Keio University Nursing and Medical Care Associate Professor]
・Report of Disaster-time IT volunteer training [Satoshi Shibata ? Disaster IT Assistance Network Rep]

Group Discussion
We will discuss following topics that are related to the necessary functions of the information assistance during the disaster time.

・“From When” “What kind of” assistance is required? In that context, what is the purpose of the information assitance?
・What is the information assitance to improve the performance of the various assitance activities in the suffered areas?
・What is the information assitance that IT engineers can do without being in the suffered areas?
・And other topics.

For details, refer to IT DART site (in Japanese).
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