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Mar. 15th(Sun)Sendai

Transdisciplinary Education for Disaster Risk Reduction: Launching theInternational Network for Advancing Transdisciplinary Education (INATE)

2015.03.15 09:30 -

Locally based solution oriented education promoting multi-stakeholder
participation is a key to address increasing disaster risks in an efficient
and sustainable manner. The session will discuss experiences, propose
a framework and launch a network ‘International Network for
Advancing Trans-disciplinary Education (INATE)’ to promote
Trans-disciplinary Education for Disaster Risk Reduction (TeDrr)

Dr. Kazuhiko Takemoto, Director, United Nations University, Institute
for the Advanced Study of Sustainability
Prof. Monte Cassim, Professor Emeritus, Asia Pacific University,
Ritsumeikan University
Prof. Toshio Koike, Professor, The University of Tokyo
Prof. Rajib Shaw, Professor, Kyoto University
Prof. Mazlin Mokhtar, Vice President, Research and Innovation,
National University of Malaya, Malaysia
Prof. Hiroshi Fukuoka, Professor, Niigata University, Japan
Mr. Shigeru Nakamura, Manager, Central Research Laboratory,
Nippon Koei Co. Ltd.
Prof. Yarime Masaru, Project Associate Professor, The University of
Dr. Senaka Basnayake, Department Head, Climate Change and
Climate Risk Management unit, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center,
Dr. Linda Anne Stevenson, Head, Communication & Scientific Affairs
Division, Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN)
Moderated by Prof. Srikantha Herath, United Nations University

United Nations University, Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability(Tokyo)
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