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Mar. 14th(Sat)Sendai

Nuclear Disaster Risk Reduction and the Role of Local Government
: Lessons and Challenges

2015.03.14 17:30 - 19:30
Japanese (English)

The Fukushima crisis taught us that nuclear disasters must be included in disaster management planning. Japanese local governments within 30km of nuclear plants must make evacuation plans, however, the Fukushima disaster affected areas beyond this radius. Mayors must protect our citizens’ lives and assets. We will discuss the lessons learnt and our ongoing challenges.

-Mr. SAKURAI Katsunobu (Mayor Minamisouma City, Fukushima prefecture, Japan)
-Mr. BABA Tamotsu (Mayor Namie Town, Fukushima prefecture, Japan)
-Mr. MURAKAMI Tatsuya (Former Mayor Tokai Village, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan)
-Mr. KAMIOKA Naomi (Head of the Research Institute for the Environment and Economics, Japan)
-Mr. Andr? VERMOREL (Former Mayor of Bidon, France)

Japanese (English)
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Mayors for a Nuclear Power Free Japan
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