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Mar. 15th(Sun)

Dialogue with Survivors for Prevention and Recovery- Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima

How can we prepare our communities for natural and


現場の教員が体験から考える防災と住民として直面する復興のあり方について語ります。 世界防災会議とE


<panel discussion>How can those with diverse backgrounds come to value each other? -3.11 and those with diverse gender and sexual identities-


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第3弾「東北・若手企業家発 アジアとの協働による新しい社会モデルを目指して!」

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[The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society: Session6]
Disaster Recovery in Japan Part 2: Tohoku Recovery, Conference for DRR and Redevelopment

Practitioners of redevelopment, disaster risk reduction and recovery activities at the grassroots level during the Great East Japan Disaster will exchange ideas and engage in several thematic discussions.

[The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society: Session5]
Disaster Recovery in Japan Part 1: Reviewing Disaster Recovery and Large-Scale Disasters in Japan

This session aims to compare the recovery processes, disaster relief activities and extent of damage among the disasters that occurred in Kobe, Chuetsu and East Japan, by researchers and specialists with relevant experience.

[The Global Conference on DRR for Civil Society: Session4]
Talking about Disaster Recovery with Raconteurs from Japan and the World

Raconteurs- people who were victims of disasters in Tohoku, Kobe and Indonesia, will be sharing their experiences of suffering, recovering and the various mechanisms in the process of recovery.

Building Community Resilience: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Gender within Community Disaster Risk Reduction


Disasters and displaced persons

ecause of natural hazards, millions of people are

U.S. Disaster Risk Reduction Initiatives- An Opportunity to Build Resilience

U.S. government agencies will present DRR and resi

Symposium for Disaster Risk Reduction, Ishinomaki

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Integrated Research on Disaster Risk: the Role of Science in Disaster Risk Reduction

This session presents findings from IRDR projects.

Promising safer future for generation next

IRW and our partners such as communities, governme

Symposium on Educating Future Leaders in Global Safety: Lessons and Practice in the Affected Areas of Great East Japan Earthquake

The symposium invites high school students, underg

Medical Device Innovation Center – Creation of new industry from disaster area

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JITU Pasna Post-Disaster Needs Assessment: Indonesia Experience

JITU Pasna is the Indonesian version of Post-Disas

Resilient Future: Bangladesh Paving the Way for Reducing Risk of Disaster and Climate Change

As a frontrunner of the comprehensive disaster man

Reporting “Public Disaster Prevention” from Aomori Prefecture

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